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You can manage your student loan debt. We can help.

The average graduate has $28,100 in student loan debt that will cost $39,242 between now and 2033. Click through the repayment options to see how they will affect your monthly payment and total loan cost. Remember you can: (1) Upload your actual data from NSLDS or manually enter your actual loan amounts, (2) view all eligible repayment options (3) apply for changes to your repayment options with your servicer and (4) sign up for our rewards program, SmarterBucks, to earn rewards that are contributed as extra payments toward your student loan debt.

SmarterBucks can help you make extra payments on your student loans.

You can find more information about different repayment plans in the resource center.

Summary Monthly payment Payment difference Pay-off year Total cost Cost difference
Standard repayment $322 2033 $39,242
Consolidate your federal loans $218 $103 less 2038 $51,711 $12,469 more
Graduated repayment $225 $96 less 2033 $41,408 $2,166 more
Extended repayment Extended repayment is only available for borrowers with more than $30,000 in federal loans.
Income-based repayment Income-based repayment is different for everyone: Get your estimate
Postponed repayment See if you're eligible: Get started
Make an extra payment ($20/month)SmarterBucks® can help you make extra payments. Learn more. $342 $20 more 2028 $38,559 $683 less

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Did you know that the average 4-year undergraduate has $28,100 in student loan debt that will end up costing $38,805 between now and 2022? It's true, but you can manage your debt and we'll try and help. Just answer these three questions so that we can provide the most accurate information possible for your school: